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Request Access to the SMFA forum

The Talkback forum is our online community where we're building resources, building relationships, and building our collective futures. It's a place of open but confidential communication. We don't let just anybody in. When you're brought into the SMFA Talkback forum community, it's important that you understand the way we work.

1) You're using your real name. First and Last. It can be your professional or legal name, but it won't be a pseudonym. Everyone is accountable for the words they write. This is about relationships and integrity and the ability to verify that someone sharing "insider advice" actually has the cred to back up the info being shared.

2) You're going to keep the information you get from here confidential. No one who isn't part of the community needs to know what gets said in the community, out of context. We talk intensely and honestly in the forum. You have to feel comfortable being honest and that means we all agree to be cool with the cone of silence.

When you submit this form, Keith will verify your information, then setup and activate your forum account. Please be sure to check your spam filter for the email containing your username and password! IMPORTANT: If you’ve previously requested access, please check this information before submitting a second time!

We're excited to jam with you in the Talkback forum! Enjoy your SMFA Hot Sheets!

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